Alcovian in waiting, or something about me that people don’t get

During band camp, I met two freshman boys through a bit of randomness. One, M, was short, curly-haired, and he played the trombone. I only learned his name and nothing else. The other, L, was tall, curly-haired, and played the trombone. I learned his name too. The next day, the tall one was wearing a shirt that said "I fart in your general direction." As soon as I saw that, I spouted off "Your mother was a hamster…" and he immediately followed with the next line. Because the fact that I had returned to the real world  from CTY had not sank in yet (still hasn’t), I dashed forward and hugged him. He seemed okay with that, because he hugged me back. We started talking more for the rest of band camp, and into rehearsals.

Fast forward one month to this past Monday. I was trying to persuade L to get a facebook after rehearsal, but he was adamant that he would not be getting one now or in the foreseeable future. He mentioned that he had a DeviantArt, and I said "I have one of those!" I was about to ask him for the URL, but M asked, "So…are you two screwing each other yet?" I whacked M with my video camera, and after a bit of laughing about it, I all but forgot it had ever happened.

Today was the day of the first band competition. The rule for hanging out around the stadium is; you must always have a buddy or you will be forced to stay with a parent for the remainder of the competition. I intercepted L at the bus when everyone was putting their instruments away, and asked "Walk with me?" He walked and talked with me over half of the practice field when M caught up. M immediately got playfully shoved away by L, who didn’t knwo that multiple-person buddy groups could exist. I explained this quickly to L, who apologized, but the damage was done.

"You shoved me and not her? I think that says a lot," M said. L and I each gave M a dirty look. "I still think you two are screwing each other, or you will be," M continued. Both of us yelled "NO!" but M didn’t let up for the rest of the day, even after I had made the point that it would be a bad idea to shove a) a girl and b) someone who’s perpetually off balance. Short of avoiding L entirely, which I didn’t want to do because I like the guy, (with a lowercase l) there was nothing I could do.

I had told L about CTY previously, and I found out that if L wanted to, he could go next summer-he’d taken the SATs in 7th grade (like me) and scored higher than most seniors do (like me). I vowed to kidnap L and bring him to Lancaster next summer, because I thought he’d enjoy it immensely. However, that is beside the point. I realized today when I was talking to him on the bus that if I had met him in the Alcove instead of at band camp, I would probably be just as good, if not better, friends than I am with him now. But that is what we would be; friends. L is one of those quirky, nerdy people that aren’t afraid to be unabashedly themselves that I am so drawn to, but it’s not a romantic attraction in any way shape or form. It could take that shape, it has before, (see earlier post: Laundromat-also there were two others, one requited) but in most cases, that attraction manifests itself in the desire to be friends with these people.

M and a few other people teased me and L about a "band couple waiting to happen" for the rest of the day, and I couldn’t hug L when I left because I knew M would spout off again. This close type of friendship with L that I have experienced with other people, regardless of gender, at CTY, may be impossible in my high school setting. It makes me sad.


~ by Luna on September 20, 2008.

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