Most epic reunion ever!

It started out like any other CTY reunion, with hanging out in the Time Warner Center and getting food at Whole Foods. But the difference this time: there were 24 FREAKIN’ PEOPLE!!! J.L. the guy, J.L. the girl, A.R. Pedobear, F.E., M.F., Turtle, and S.B. were there (regular fixtures) but: the third J.L., D.S., V.W., and lots other people were there too, and they almost never get to reunions!

We had a large game of Silent Football in Borders, and the staff actually didn’t kick us out. M.W. was Mr. Dictator (or Mr. Ducktator, to be exact.) Then we all ran out to Central Park, and danced to Canon in the snow. (I did the Time Warp without dislocating a kneecap this time, yelled out all the callbacks along with A.R. Pedobear, did the DMD in the snow, and ran to End Of The World until Max yelled to change direction, when I couldn’t run that fast and got separated because I was on the end.)

And I don’t know how this happened, but an ACTUAL PEDOBEAR SHOWED UP IN THE PARK!

A.R., how did you change so fast?

A.R., how did you change so fast?

Well, anyway, then we went to Grand Central, (the subway and people getting lost was epically bad) ate Junior’s, called E.M. to wish him a happy birthday (I organized a giant singing over speakerphone to Virginia!) and then it was time to leave, unfortunately. If you know what I’m even talking about, pics will be up on Facebook later today.


~ by Luna on December 21, 2008.

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