Hair issues

My hair is boring.

That’s all there is to it. The shorter it is, the better I like it, because then it just doesn’t hang there and be boring. I’ve tried to dye it, but when it fades out and just becomes really washed out dark or washed out red, it just becomes even more boring, like it is now.

So, when I asked people if I should cut my hair again/dye it blonde, the answer was a resounding “NO!!!! keep it the way it is!” which was sort of hurting. They said it “suited my face shape” and I should grow it long again, like it was in freshman year. Are they trying to keep me looking boring/ugly on purpose, or would I look even more hideous with blonder and shorter hair? (And trust me, you can’t really get more hideous looking than me. Yeah, I’m having a low self esteem day, I know.)

Or, is boring hair that makes me look like a band parent actually in, and/or look good on me? You decide. GAH!


~ by Luna on February 19, 2009.

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