Crazy weekend

I haven’t been at home until 10 AM this morning. Why can I not seem to accomplish anything work-related?

I am beginning to be confused by these strange habits of humans. More and more often I feel like an alien on Earth. Why, indeed, do people join their mouths to express affection or emotion? It confuses me to no end.


~ by Luna on February 22, 2009.

One Response to “Crazy weekend”

  1. I could leave a number of reasons for your capable mind to chew on. So I will.
    1. It feels good. You already should know this.
    2. It’s a social convention. Admittedly not the best of reasons when unquestioned, but this is one that is a) pretty universal and b) Mostly Harmless
    3. The easiest way for affection to be expressed physically (indeed, the best, most of the time) is to put the body of one person in very very very close proximity to the other. This is meant to be an expression of affinity. You cannot get much more physically intimate other than actual sex than linking respiratory and digestive tracts. Please forgive me if this sounds weird. But without it love could not be concretized.

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