Post fail

Well, I didn’t post in a long time. Here’s what’s been going on.

This weekend was basically all singing. Thursday was an all day Regions rehearsal, which was very tiring.

A very high quality BZZT happened in the first few minutes. Some choir directors from the schools of kids at Regions wanted to lead warmups, and one choir director started a song called “Once an Austrian Went Yodeling.” In the song, an Austrian runs into things that would induce yodeling. The first few verses weren’t so bad (I did an E.M. style RAWR at the grizzly bear verse) but then, he ran into a “milking maid,” which was bad enough as it is and earned a BZZT from me. But, there were hand motions for all of the things he ran itno, and the milking maid motion, as the director did it, looked more like…something else…than milking a cow.

Friday was the MSU choir festival. If Ye Love Me ended a half step lower than it started, and I wanted to facepalm but we were on stage. Kala kalla went well, I think because PC was accompanying and didn’t take the chorus like a funeral dirge! We actually got cheers for that one.

The professor that ran the on stage clinic liked us, which meant she spent time with us, which meant my feet hurt by the end, but what could i do? With me, it’s wear heels or be the shortest girl on stage.

Saturday was the Regions concert, which went really well. “Rosen” didn’t trainwreck, even though my grandpa, who is a native German speaker, didn’t understand a thing we were saying. I don’t think I screwed up once.

Regions made me realize how cheap-looking my HS’s choir robes are…lots of other schools have shiny ones with big sleeves.

Sunday, I did lots of work and started a radio station!  I play pretty much anything. There’s going to be a broadcast today at 10: skype me at or IM at my address for the radio address.

And today? SNOW DAY!


~ by Luna on March 2, 2009.

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