Weirdest thing ever

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In order to help me recover from this sort of cough that I have,

I have to sit with a mask shaped like a fish over my nose and mouth, and breathe in some strange-smelling medicine that makes my heart speed up and makes me shake afterwards.

It’s the only time I’ll get to blog for a long time probably.


The song that may have broken the block

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And I was happy.




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Even rural Vermont has internets!

Well, I’m in Ludlow, VT, for three days of skiing, and if the AP US teacher has his way, nothing but Natty X in between. Nerr.

Extremely jealous of those who are reunionizing in New York on Sunday. I wanted to finally talk to B.H. in person, so that makes Luna a sad panda.

I have acquired a set of sound effects from Portal. I have the greatest hits of GLaDOS. I am a nerd.

Will post about Okemo experiences tomorrow. Off to the photo blog.

Nun stehn die Rosen in blute…

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Why is it that I can sing in German, but not speak it?

I was called up for testing today at Regions. My voice had a bit more of a Cymbaline effect than I’d like, but I did well. Some girls said that the director had been smiling at me (I was focusing on the exit sign) but I don’t thik that’s a good thing. Apparently he got busted for taking the smiling to the next level a few years back. He comes near me and I’ll judo chop him. Never mind that I don’t know how.

I wore my CTY shirt to the rehearsal and found another CTYer, a Carlislian, but did not get her name.

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For six minutes, the block was broken, and I saw the truth.

Deity of your choice bless James Newton Howard.

Music Recommendation #5

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The Dresden Dolls!

Yeah, I’m biased because the main instrument is a piano. But they’re AWESOME. YARLY.

And they need to get back together, NAO. Stop the hiatus!!





ADD IT UP (Violent Femmes cover)

Next: The Violent Femmes.

The block

•February 9, 2009 • 1 Comment

I can’t feel anything. I haven’t been able to for a week. Nothing happy, nothing sad, nothing angry, nothing romantic, nothing spiteful, nothing beautiful, nothing evil, nothing.

I wish it would go away. I feel so alone…