Piano Repertoire

Forever Young, Alphaville

Here Comes the Sun, the Beatles

Because, The Beatles

Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight, The Beatles

Dear Prudence, the Beatles

Blackbird, the Beatles

Across the Universe, the Beatles

Let it Be, the Beatles

Hey Jude, the Beatles

I Am The Walrus, The Beatles

All You Need is Love, the Beatles

Strawberry Fields Forever, the Beatles

Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, the Beatles

In My Life, the Beatles

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, Bob Dylan

The Wind, Cat Stevens

Don’t Panic, Coldplay

Yellow, Coldplay

Satellite, Dave Matthews Band

LIttle Wing, Derek and the Dominos

Layla, Derek and the Dominos

American Pie, Don McLean (but don’t ask me to play it)

Break on Through, the Doors

Soul Kitchen, the Doors

The Crystal Ship, the Doors

Moonlight Drive, the Doors

Peace Frog, the Doors

You Make Me Real, the Doors

L.A. Woman, the Doors

Tiny Dancer, Elton John

Iris, Goo Goo Dolls

Concerning Hobbits, Howard Shore

Evenstar, Howard Shore

The Ring Goes South, Howard Shore

Cross Eyed Mary, Jethro Tull

Don’t Stop Believin’, Journey

All These Things That I’ve Done, the Killers

Tangerine, Led Zeppelin

That’s the Way, Led Zeppelin

Battle of Evermore, Led Zeppelin

Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin

The Rain Song, Led Zeppelin

Over the Hills and Far Away, Led Zeppelin

Fly, Nick Drake

Northern Sky, Nick Drake

Pink Moon, Nick Drake

From the Morning, Nick Drake

Way to Blue, Nick Drake

Dear Friends, Nobuo Uematsu

Final Fantasy VII Main Theme, Nobuo Uematsu

At Zanarkand, Nobuo Uematsu

Aeris’ Theme, Nobuo Uematsu

Blue Fields, Nobuo Uematsu

Dance with the Balamb Fish, Nobuo Uematsu

Eyes on Me, Nobuo Uematsu

Wonderwall, Oasis

Champagne Supernova, Oasis

Solsbury Hill, Peter Gabriel

In Your Eyes, Peter Gabriel

Pigs On The Wing (1 and 2) Pink Floyd

Sheep, Pink Floyd

If, Pink Floyd

Summer ’68, Pink Floyd

Breathe, Pink Floyd

Time, Pink Floyd

The Great Gig in the Sky, Pink Floyd

Money, Pink Floyd

Us and Them, Pink Floyd

A Pillow of Winds, Pink Floyd

Fearless, Pink Floyd

San Tropez, Pink Floyd

Echoes, Pink Floyd

Cymbaline, Pink Floyd

Goodbye Blue Sky, Pink Floyd

Hey You, Pink Floyd

Nobody Home, Pink Floyd

Shine On You Crazy Diamond (all parts), Pink Floyd

Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd

Walking on the Moon, the Police

Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen

Electrolite, R.E.M.

Nightswimming, R.E.M.

Shine a Light, Rolling Stones

Gimme Shelter, Rolling Stones

Ruby Tuesday, Rolling Stones

America, Simon and Garfunkel

Scarborough Fair/Canticle, Simon and Garfunkel

Bridge over Troubled Water, Simon and Garfunkel

Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, Smashing Pumpkins

Luna, Smashing Pumpkins (for which this blog was named)

Ana Ng, They Might Be Giants

Helpless Dancer, The Who

5:15, the Who

Love Reign O’er Me, the Who


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